Coming back to America is not as east as it seems to many tourists. I had a marvelous experience when I flied from Brisbane to Singapore. Upon landing on Changi Airport in Singapore, I felt both my body and mentality relaxed and calmed down. The symbol of distress release is that you can wander around, not getting lost, even when closing your eyes. You do know where metro stations are, how much the ticket fee is, where to load and unload, where you can have dinner, what options are available in the food court, and the most important, you know who you can find for help in case of emergency.  In one word, survival is not contingent on intellect and alertness. When I landed on the airport, I called my friend saying that I’m back home, and now I can draw my heart from the throat back to my chest. My friend smiled at me:”It’s so funny. Singapore becomes your home now?Are you lost in HOMES.”


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